Camouflage Paints

Modern Camouflage Paints are designed to protect the military assets in the visual (400nm – 700nm) and Near Infrared (700nm – 1200nm) wavelength region of the electromagnetic spectrum. It merges the infrared signatures of all kinds of weapons and military engineering equipment with the background. Infrared stealth coating reduces the object’s signature and thereby, limiting the emission of the IR light, which is used by drones, heat-seeking missiles to detect their targets.
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Camouflage Paints with Anti Visual Detection

Modern Visual Camouflage Paint is developed to protect the military combat equipment & other infrastructure in the visual (400nm – 700nm) region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Visual camo paints hide the targets from all reconnaissance equipment, working in the electromagnetic spectrum’s visible band. It will completely merge the military assets with the corresponding background by exact matching of shades and gloss. Camouflage paints also provide anti-corrosive protection to metallic and other benefits for non-metallic surfaces.

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Camouflage Paints with Anti-Visual and Near InfraRed (NIR) Detection

Modern CARC visual and Near-Infrared Camouflage paint as per MIL-PRF-46168D are developed to protect the military combat assets from prevalent reconnaissance sensors. The infrared signature of all types of weapons and other ancillary equipment are different from their background terrains. Sterlite camo paint will reduce the military targets’ heat signatures and merge them with the corresponding background. It could save the lives of humans and precious assets that can be sought out by the enemy.

In addition to approved shades like Olive Green (IS 220), Light Olive Green (IS 278), Dark Brown (IS 412), Sand (IS 386/388), and the like. We manufacture customized shades and NIR as per the corresponding terrain’s requirements.

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Camouflage Face Paints

Sterlite deals in Camouflage face paints that are easy to apply and are non-sticky, providing you with the best woodland camouflage color pattern. The paints work in cold as well as hot weather, making it ideal for military applications. They have been field-tested and are known to perform as expected.

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Camouflage Paints for Buildings

Sterlite camouflage paints come with visual & NIR detection for the protection of buildings and other permanent structures. The most effective way to camouflage buildings is to blend its visual features and NIR signatures with surroundings so that it is hard to detect from the air ‘where the facility begins and ends.’ In this way, we are defending the lives of human assets inside the buildings or hanger If they can’t see you, they can’t hit you!

Our Camouflage paint can withstand ambient temperatures ranging from -200C to +700C, without deterioration in camouflaging properties. It gives excellent resistance to corrosion, hydrocarbons, acid, and alkali.

Application of
Infrared Camouflage Paint

We have a competent team for the application of Camouflage Paint. It is an essential aspect of camouflage technology. The team is trained, experienced & well equipped to mark camo patterns as per the objects’ shape and size. Camouflage and concealment of the military targets by blending them with the surrounding terrain features.

Countries & Cities we have worked with

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Abu Dhabi
Saudi Arabia

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Indian States & Cities
Jammu & Kashmir
Himachal Pradesh

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Arunachal Pradesh
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