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Sterlite Camotech was established in the year 2017, with the aim of manufacturing world-class Infrared Reflective Camouflage Paint, MIL-STD Paints for Airborne & Land Equipment, CARC coating, Synthetic Camouflage Nets, Multispectral Camouflaging Nets (MSCN), and Multispectral Personal Camouflage Equipment (MSPCE)/Ghillie Suits for the defense forces. We are the Indigenous, OEM, ISO-9001:2015 certified company in India, which is equipped with multispectral camouflage technology, fully complying with the “Make in India” initiative of the Government of India.

We incorporate the highest levels of research, design, technology, and innovation in our military fabrics, for the highest performance standards with a strategic and significant advantage in the field. It is for combat gear that offers better thermal & flames protection; camouflage technology provides multispectral concealment; composites that reduce weight with high impact resistance; and outerwear shells (MSPCE) that help prevent troops from giving up their positions.

Our Credentials


Sophisticated Instrumentation Centre for Applied Research and Testing

Sponsored by Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India and Gujarat State, SICART offers a broad range of state-of-the-art analytical instruments under one roof and facilities for accurate, prompt and cost-effective analysis and testing. It is also recognized as a Research Centre by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, DSIR, New Delhi.


Ahmedabad Textile Industry’s Research Association.

ATIRA is the largest autonomous and non-profit association for textile research. It was established on 13th December 1947, and started in 1949 after due recognition by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. Later it was linked to the Ministry of Textiles. They have 97 units spread all over India and abroad.


Northern India Textile Research Association

NITRA, one of the four textile research associations located in different parts of the country was established in the year 1974 with the objective to carry out scientific research in the field of textile as well as to promote and foster scientific research studies for the extension of knowledge related to or connected with textile. It is linked to the Ministry of Textile and recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.


Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises

Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (M/o MSME) envision a vibrant MSME sector by promoting growth and development of the MSME Sector, including Khadi, Village and Coir Industries, in cooperation with concerned Ministries/Departments, State Governments and other Stakeholders, through providing support to existing enterprises and encouraging creation of new enterprises.


Directorate General of Quality Assurance

The Directorate General of Quality Assurance (DGQA) is under Dept. Of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence. It is more than a hundred years old and provides Quality Assurance cover for the entire range of Arms, Ammunitions, Equipments and Stores supplied to Armed Forces. The organisation is responsible for import substitution and associates with DRDO in the development projects.

Signature Management Technology

In today’s complex battle-space environment, where new sensors and networked target information create a more challenging operational arena for military platforms, increased survivability demands a new, more integrated approach to total signature management for low observability (LO).

The signature management concept has the purpose of defeating surveillance and target acquisition weapons systems that operate in the electromagnetic spectrum, and the most cost-effective way to increase the probability of survival is through signature management to avoid detection. A signature is a unique signal for each vehicle, piece of equipment and personnel, for sensors operating in the electromagnetic spectrum.

We have developed both 2D & 3D versions of camouflage nets as per the requirement of the end user.

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